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[Cambodia] Explore Angkor Wat style, Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm Temple, Beng Mi Lei 5 days deep tour

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      Line introduction

      一个令世人着迷静谧古老的国度。 Cambodia: A quiet and ancient country that fascinates the world. The Angkor Wat hidden in the jungle stared at the glorious earth with a thousand-year-old smile, and the heroic war elephant that remained only on the reliefs of the ancient temple revealed the glorious past that was once magnificent. When the setting sun falls on the embossed relief of the ancient monuments, you will lament the glory of the dynasty. However, it is not only the glorious days of the past that make people in Cambodia intoxicating, the original floating people of Tonle Sap Lake, the golden coast of Sihanoukville ... When the bustling and lonely, the past and modern, the history and nature meet ... the real Cambodia, you can only experience it when you arrive in person. Angkor Wat: Angkor Wat is the ancient capital and tourist attraction of Cambodia. It is located north of Tonle Sap, 6 kilometers from Siem Reap. The capital of the Khmer Kingdom from the 9th to the 15th century. It was first built in the 8th century and completed in the 13th century, covering an area of 15 square kilometers. Angkor's monuments mainly include Tong Wang City and Angkor Wat, large and small Angkor; about 600 buildings of various kinds. There are 5 magnificent pagodas and exquisite reliefs, which are world-famous Khmer cultural monuments and world-renowned Buddhist buildings. The pattern on the flag of the Kingdom of Cambodia is the holy tower of Angkor Wat. Angkor's monuments were once hidden by the jungle, and only rediscovered in the late 19th century. Cambodian jungle, a secret that has been hidden for hundreds of years ......... the mysterious 'Khmer smile' is a smile that lasts for thousands of years! All of this stems from an extraordinary millennial dynasty, extraordinary characters, ups and downs, and vicissitudes of life. After years of baptism, the miracle of Angkor has continued to this day. The kind of touching and shocking that is not enough to experience it !! come on! Follow Xi Da's footsteps and approach this mysterious country .....

      经典景点绝不错过,深度探秘吴哥窟,发现一张持续千年的笑脸! ★ Like one: Do n't miss the classic attractions, explore Angkor Wat in depth, and find a smile that lasts for thousands of years! The most beautiful and peaceful smile in the world!

      户外摄影线路,让我们资深向导带您拍摄石光文化的绝美身影! ★ Like the second: outdoor photography line, let our senior guide take you to shoot the beautiful figure of Shiguang culture!

      晚上相约前往酒吧街,感受一下异国的风情夜! ★ Like Three: Meet at Bar Street in the evening and feel the exotic night!

      Activity itinerary The following itinerary is recommended, information is for reference only

        Activity itinerary



        1. The club will send “departure SMS” or create a WeChat group reminder 2 to 3 days before the event. If you do n’t receive it, please call the staff to know the meeting hotel, team leader ’s contact information, etc.

        2. In order to protect the legal rights and interests, please fill out the tourist information accurately and completely before payment. The club will not bear the corresponding responsibility because of the incomplete information and inaccurate insurance compensation.

        3. Male and female registration together, please indicate in the remarks column if you cannot live together; separately, if you need to arrange the same car and the same room to participate in the event together, please indicate in the remarks column (this information is only visible to you and staff) Please rest assured)

        4. Outdoor activities for race travel, implement a strict safety guarantee system, team members must obey the arrangements of the team, abide by local cultural practices, pay attention to road signs to avoid outdoor risks

        5. Please bring your ID card or passport. If you are staying at the farmer ’s house, please bring your own toiletries, wear clothes suitable for outdoor sports, and wear hiking shoes, hiking shoes, brook shoes, etc. (select the best one according to the type of activity) Shoes, no high heels, leather shoes, wear stockings to avoid grinding feet)

        6. Most of the routes of the race are not commercialized and are close to the original ecology. Therefore, some line hardware facilities are insufficient! Please bring a traveler's heart and be tolerant to everything during the trip.

        7. Environmentally friendly travel, green outdoor! Do not throw unexplainable trash along the way

        8. If you take special medicine, please bring it with you, the leader only brings some regular medicine

        9. The weather is changeable outdoors, please prepare rain gear and sunscreen in case of uncertainty

        10. Line consultation: snow and snow 13524248077 18105735795

        11. Wechat public account of Yansai Travel: shyisai

        Preparation before departure:

        1. Documents: Passports (for tourists holding new passports, please bring along the old passports), ID card, photocopy of the ID card and 2 2-inch photos (easy to reissue if the ID card is lost). Tourists who need to bring domestic hukou if they are transiting domestically;

        2. Dress: Cambodia is dry and hot most of the time. Just prepare a long-sleeved dress. Pay attention to sun protection when traveling, especially for female tourists. The following items are essential: highly sunscreen lotion, deep cleansing products, and repairing effects. Emollient products, sunhats, sunglasses, headscarves (available locally), wet tissues, sportswear, comfortable sneakers, etc. When going to the jungle with a lot of mosquitoes, you need to wear long trousers. Shoes should be light fit and suitable for walking. It is not recommended to wear newly bought shoes and high heels.

        3. Personal daily necessities: shavers, skin care products, cosmetics, sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrellas, watches, pens, small notebooks, please carry as you need; Cambodia ’s lighting system is not developed, watching the sunrise or getting used to night Returnees are advised to bring a flashlight. The hotel provides disposable towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and shampoo, and slippers. The club recommends bringing them with you;

        4. Cash and bank card: Cambodia is basically US dollars, you need to exchange RMB into US dollars before going abroad, please call the customer service phone of major banks to inquire, please be sure to redeem it early; VISA and MASTER can be used to purchase valuables

        Reference exchange rate (based on the bank's real-time quote price) 1 US dollar is equivalent to approximately 6.3 RMB ~ 1 US dollar is approximately equal to 4000 riel

        5. Sockets: Some hotels in Cambodia are the same as in Mainland China and do not require a plug adapter.

        6. Drugs: Please bring along standing medicines, such as cold medicines, anti-inflammatory medicines, gastrointestinal medicines, analgesics and band-aids, wind oil essences, motion sickness medicines, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc., you must bring sufficient medicines Take medication and take it with you.

        7. Chinese customs entry and exit and airport security inspection regulations:

        The customs stipulates that each person can bring up to 20,000 yuan or equivalent foreign currency equivalent to 5,000 US dollars. The excess must be reported to the customs in writing. Please try not to exceed the regulations. The excess may face taxation, fines or confiscation. Valuable cameras, cameras, lenses and other valuables need to be declared to the customs before checked baggage

        If you intend to bring your goods to China for entry, please check the relevant customs regulations in advance to avoid customs prohibiting entry or collection of taxes upon entry. Among them, tobacco and alcohol, the customs stipulated that each person who is 16 years of age or older shall limit 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages (less than 1.5 liters) above 12 degrees, 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500 grams of shredded tobacco

        Local information:

        1. Jet lag: Cambodia time is 1 hour later than Beijing time, Beijing time is 12 noon, Cambodia time is 11 am

        2. Language: Khmer, also known as Cambodian, is a major language in Cambodia. In Cambodia, about 90% of the population speaks Khmer, but due to the development of tourism, English is also widely used.

        3. Currency exchange: There are currency exchange offices at the airport and local banks. Be sure to keep your invoices in order to exchange the rest for US dollars when you leave.

        4. Shopping: Cambodian specialties are famous for silverware, textiles, wood carvings and stone carvings.

        5. Diet: Cambodian cuisine is a bit close to Thai food, but not as strong and sour as Thai food. It is relatively sweet, mainly fresh seafood, but also beef and chicken.

        6. Tips / Service Fees: Tipping is an international practice. Tips for restaurant and bar waiters, room attendants, hotel bellmen, etc., are required to be tipped, generally $ 1 / time

        7. Telephone: Cambodia's international long-distance area code is: 0085. Domestic mobile phones that have opened international roaming can be used in Cambodia.

        8. Tax refund: Cambodia does not have a tax refund policy for foreign tourists.

        9. Emergency Rescue: Alarm 117, Fire 118, First Aid 119, Chinese Embassy in Cambodia Address: 156 Mao Zedong Avenue, Phnom Penh, Tel (023) 720920 720922?

        10. Taboos:

        1). Cambodia has a strong concept of hierarchy and social status. You will feel that some people like to ask you personal questions. In fact, they are not asking questions, but are determining your identity and status.

        2). The traditional way to say hello is to bow and folded your hands. The lower the body and the higher the hand, the more respect the opponent is shown;

        3). In etiquette, the handshake has become the standard method, but do not hold it too tightly, it will be mistaken for offense;

        4). Being on time is important because it shows your respect for the people you see;

        5). Although many things seem easy in Cambodia, the table manners when dining in a restaurant are very formal;

        Instructions for withdrawal:

        (1) Can be cancelled without damage 30 days before departure;

        (2) Cancellation 15 days before departure, 40% of the activity cost will be deducted;

        (3) Cancellation 7 days before the event, 60% of the event cost will be deducted;

        (4) If you withdraw from the event due to special reasons, such as physical illness, unexpected accidents, etc., you will be refunded room and board and scenic spots after issuing relevant certificates.

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