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[Northeast Essence] Bingcheng Harbin, Snow Country Crossing, Old Rick Lake, Jilin Skiing, Changbai Mountain, Jilin Mist Retreat 8

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      Line introduction

      Activity itinerary The following itinerary is recommended, information is for reference only



      1. The club will send “departure SMS” or create a WeChat group reminder 2 to 3 days before the event. If you do n’t receive it, please call the staff to know the meeting hotel, team leader ’s contact information, etc.

      2. In order to protect the legal rights and interests, please fill out the tourist information accurately and completely before payment. The club will not bear the corresponding responsibility because of the incomplete information and inaccurate insurance compensation.

      3. Male and female registration together, please indicate in the remarks column if you cannot live together; separately, if you need to arrange the same car and the same room to participate in the event together, please indicate in the remarks column (this information is only visible to you and staff) Please rest assured)

      4. Outdoor activities for race travel, implement a strict safety guarantee system, team members must obey the arrangements of the team, abide by local cultural practices, pay attention to road signs to avoid outdoor risks

      5. Please bring your ID card or passport. If you are staying at the farmer ’s house, please bring your own toiletries, wear clothes suitable for outdoor sports, and wear hiking shoes, hiking shoes, brook shoes, etc. (select the best one according to the type of activity) Shoes, no high heels, leather shoes, wear stockings to avoid grinding feet)

      6. Most of the routes of the race are not commercialized and are close to the original ecology. Therefore, some line hardware facilities are insufficient! Please bring a traveler's heart and be tolerant to everything during the trip.

      7. Environmentally friendly travel, green outdoor! Do not throw unexplainable trash along the way

      8. If you take special medicine, please bring it with you, the leader only brings some regular medicine

      9. The weather is changeable outdoors, please prepare rain gear and sunscreen in case of uncertainty

      10. Line consultation: snow and snow 13524248077 18105735795

      11. Wechat public account of Yansai Travel: shyisai


      1. As long as the event date we arranged is uninterrupted, everyone can rest assured to make an early purchase of discount air tickets during the holidays. Any unit group full of 12 people can independently form a group at any time to ensure that the vehicle used is a regular tourist bus, and it is also possible to develop activity routes according to the group's requirements. 单独包车服务,保证车辆手续、保险齐全配备专业司机。 We can also provide you with a separate charter service to ensure that the vehicle procedures and insurance are fully equipped with professional drivers.

      2. Routes-If the route differs from the appeal route during the event (except for reasons of force majeure), the tour fee will be refunded in full.

      3.Expenses--Each item included in the cost of the activity is different from the original plan.The organizer does not fully protect the rights and interests of the team members, and the group fee is fully refunded.

      4. If you are not happy and dissatisfied, you can follow the post below to tell everyone the truth. And all your friends

      5. We can individually book hotels in different places or upgrade the accommodation standards during the itinerary to make your stay more comfortable (if you need to book or upgrade, please call or confirm online) This itinerary is for reference only and has no legal effect ( An accurate itinerary will be sent to everyone before departure)

      【Special Note】:

      1. The weather outside the Northeast is cold in winter, but there is air conditioning or heating in the house to ensure the warmth of the house, but the room is relatively dry, it is recommended to drink plenty of water, especially sleeping in the farmhouse, the Northeast has less winter fruits. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone drink plenty of water.

      保暖衣物或抓绒衣裤(必备)、雪套(必备,俱乐部提供使用)、羽绒服(必备)、保暖水壶饮用水1升(必备)、帽子(必备)、手套(必备)、冲锋衣裤(可选)、拉杆箱和一个小双肩包(车辆全程跟随,拉杆箱放在车上就可以了,双肩包进景区比较方便,随身携带)、防水登山鞋或旅行靴(最好已穿15天以上)、高热量零食(如:巧克力、牛肉干)、保暖护膝(可选)、头巾(挡风用,俱乐部赠送)、头灯(可选)、墨镜(阳光强,需防雪盲)、登山杖(登雪山必备)、刀具、个人卫生用品。 Personal equipment: warm clothing or fleece pants (required), snow cover (required, provided by the club), down jacket (required), 1 liter of warm drinking water (required), hat (required), gloves (Required), assault pants (optional), trolley case and a small backpack (the vehicle follows the whole process, the trolley case can be placed on the car, the backpack is more convenient to carry in the scenic area, and carry it with you), waterproof hiking shoes or travel Boots (preferably worn for more than 15 days), high-calorie snacks (such as chocolate, beef jerky), warm knee pads (optional), headscarves (for wind protection, club gift), headlights (optional), sunglasses (sunshine Strong, need to prevent snow blindness), trekking poles (necessary for climbing snow mountains), knives, personal hygiene products. You can also choose snow shoes, non-slip soles, snow shoes with fur inside.

      The following is the train time from Jilin City to Changchun Longjia Airport (the following time is for reference only, the actual time shall prevail):

      Jilin-Changchun Longjia Airport departure time: (30 minutes by car to the airport) 06:38, 07:13, 07:40, 08:42, 09:15, 10:03, 10:51 Minutes, 11:20, 12:00, 12:25, 12:54, 13:22, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:25, 16:00 Minutes, 16:50 minutes, 17:30 minutes, 18:20 minutes, 18:50 minutes, 19:35 minutes, 21:02 minutes, fare: 28 yuan / person by car Location: Jilin Station

      The following is the bus time from Jilin to Harbin (the following time is for reference only, the actual time shall prevail):

      Jilin-Harbin Automobile departure time 06:20, 07:20, 09:10, 10:10, 11:25, 13:05, 14:15, 14:30, 16:00 Minutes, 16:40, 66 yuan and occasionally 53 yuan. Travel time: Normally about 4 hours when it meets snowy weather, it may take about 5 hours, depending on the weather conditions of the day

      In addition, there is a train from Jilin to Harbin every day starting at 10.37am and arriving at Harbin at 13.23pm. The fare is 126 yuan / person (2 hours 46 minutes)

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