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推荐 [Damei Hongshan Hongcun Village] Walking drunk in the beautiful Huangshan from December to February, soaking in the snowy hot springs, visiting Hongcun, the village of paintings, recommended on the 3rd specials hot sale new products group purchase

[Damei Huangshan Hongcun] Walk on drunk beautiful Huangshan in December-February, soak in the snow hot springs, visit Hongcun, the village of Huali for 3 days

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      Line introduction

      Huangshan in winter has clear scenery and high artistic conception. The snowy scenery of Huangshan is known as the fifth best in Huangshan. There are ancient poems spreading— "Huangshan is a great place to be in all seasons, but winter scenery is better."

      "Wuyue returned without looking at the mountains, Huangshan returned without looking at the mountains." Huangshan is not the highest mountain in China, but it must be the most famous mountain in China.

      Huangshan is known for its "five musts", namely "odd pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs, and winter snow", known as "the first strange mountain in the world".

      The scenery of the four seasons, each excels in the field, but only in winter can you have the opportunity to see the complete presentation of the "five must".

      Winter snow is ingeniously combined with pine, stone, cloud, and spring, with crystal ice hanging, glazed mist, and rare Buddha light, to make Huangshan a beautiful wonderland on earth.

      Huangshan has few tourists in winter and has a better chance to enjoy the beauty of Huangshan.

      The water quality of Huangshan Hot Spring is mainly containing bicarbonate. The spring water is exceptionally clear, colorless and odorless. It has a sweet taste, can be drunk and bathed, and has certain medical value. It has certain diseases for the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, and sports systems. Has certain therapeutic and health effects.

      In the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", Li Mubai led his horse into Hongcun, and Hongcun went to the world.

      Hongcun is a representative of Hui people's residences. It is famous for its idyllic pastoral scenery, well-preserved village forms and rich historical and cultural connotations.

      Down the mountain that day, leave the night time to the hot springs, to the stink catfish and hairy tofu, to the warm bed and breakfast, and the next day to Hongcun in Huali Water Village.

      Activity itinerary The following itinerary is recommended, information is for reference only

      Activity itinerary

      • 18 years or older
      • Under 18
      Shanghai 汽车 Huangshan
      Business Hotel or B & B Standard Room

      Note: The specific costs are listed in the "Expense Description" column. The remaining vehicles will be collected by the team. The team can customize various activities independently. Tel: 13524248077 18105735795 WeChat: 437342390

      19:00 Meet up at the entrance of Shanghai Museum Store, 188 Wusheng Road (exit from Exit 1 of People's Square Metro, Metro Line 1.2.8), stop at 19:20 at Huchun Road Baochun Road Bus Station (outside Line 1) At the North Exit of the Ring Road Metro Station, turn right over 600 meters after crossing the overpass, 19:40 Songjiang Rongle Road, Renmin North Road bus platform (turn left at 60 meters from Songjiang Sports Center Station Line 3 on Line 9), everyone on the bus will be mutually Introduce yourself, sing and laugh all the way! Arrive at the hotel at 12:30 to rest, prepare energy, and prepare for climbing the mountain tomorrow.

      Boarding point description: http://natuosp.cn/Travels/Show.aspx?id=14

      At the foot of Huangshan 汽车 Yungu Temple 步行 Bright top 步行 Tsz Kwong Court
      Business Hotel or B & B Standard Room

      07:30 Get up for breakfast.

      08:00 Take a bus from Huangshan Interchange Center to reach the starting point of Yunshan Temple on the back of Huangshan Ropeway (take the ropeway for 10 minutes and walk for about 3 hours)

      11:00 Arrive at the top of the mountain, and then visit Sixin Peak, Lisong Pine, Black Tiger Pine, Monkey Watching the Sea, Wonderful Flowers, Guangming Ding, Aoyu Peak, Yixiantian, Baibu Yunti, Yingke Song and other famous attractions. Settle lunch on the way ( There are fast food on the mountain or bring your own)

      14:00 Arrive at Huangping Yuping Building and walk down the hill (don't want to walk down the cableway)

      16:30 Back to Ciguang Pavilion in Qianshan, take the scenic bus to the hot spring (you can go out of the scenic area to visit the old town of Tangkou without taking the hot spring)

      18:30 Everyone is sitting around eating warm food and having a drink

      21:00 It's not too early, the day's hard work instantly turned into a purr

      Huangshan 汽车 Hongcun 汽车 Shanghai

      08:00 Depart for Hongcun after breakfast

      09:00 Excursion to Hongcun in "Water Village of Huali", look at the big trees at the entrance of the village, the streams passing by the village, old Hui architecture, and a cup of coffee by the South Lake. Slow time

      12:00 farm lunch, return after meal

      Arrive in Shanghai at 19:00, remember to share photos!

      Note: The leader has the right to adjust according to the weather and the actual situation of the scenic spot



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      4. Outdoor activities for race travel, implement a strict safety guarantee system, team members must follow the lead arrangements, pay attention to road signs to avoid outdoor risks

      5. Please bring your ID card or passport. If you are staying at the farmer ’s house, please bring your own toiletries, wear clothes suitable for outdoor sports, and wear hiking shoes, hiking shoes, brook shoes, etc. (select the best one according to the type of activity) Shoes, no high heels, leather shoes, wear stockings to avoid grinding feet)

      6. Most of the routes of the race are not commercialized and are close to the original ecology. Therefore, some line hardware facilities are insufficient! Please bring a traveler's heart and be tolerant to everything during the trip.

      7. Environmentally friendly travel, green outdoor! Do not throw unexplainable trash along the way

      8. If you take special medicine, please bring it with you, the leader only brings some regular medicine

      9. The weather is changeable outdoors, please prepare rain gear and sunscreen in case of uncertainty

      10. Line consultation: snow and snow 13524248077 18105735795

      11. Wechat public account of Yansai Travel: shyisai

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