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[Huihang Ancient Road 2 days and 2 nights] Cross the Huihang Ancient Road, take a photo of Longxu Mountain, and stay in the hometown of Chairman Hu—Longchuan

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      Line introduction

      市面上多数2天行程只走徽行古道,我们的行程除了徽行古道还入住胡主席的故乡龙川,早晚工作人员没上班时还可以免费参观胡氏宗祠景区,D3上午还加了一个龙须山景区,一次行程四个看点,充分领略徽派文化,这样安排吃住条件以及体验感比两天行程更好,性价比更高。 Line characteristics: Most 2-day itineraries on the market only take the Huihang Ancient Road. In addition to the Huixing Ancient Road, we also stay in Longchuan, the hometown of Chairman Hu. In the morning and evening, staff can visit the Hu's Ancestral Temple area for free. I visited a Longxu Mountain Scenic Area with four highlights in one trip to fully appreciate Huipai culture. In this way, the accommodation and living conditions are better than the two-day itinerary, and the cost performance is higher.

      西起安徽省徽州绩溪县伏岭镇,东至浙江省临安市马啸乡,位于清凉峰国家级自然保护区北侧,北靠黄山,南依天目山,全长15千米,是古时联系徽州与杭州的重要纽带,保存最完整的一段是绩溪县境内的盘山石阶小道,是徽杭古道的精华所在,是古代汉族劳动人民智慧和力量的结晶。 Huihang Ancient Road: It starts from Fulin Town, Jixi County, Huizhou City, Anhui Province, and goes to Maxiao Township, Lin'an City, Zhejiang Province in the east. It is located on the north side of Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve. It is an important link between Huizhou and Hangzhou in ancient times. The most preserved section is the Panshan Stone Step Trail in Jixi County. It is the essence of the Huihang Ancient Road and the crystallization of the wisdom and strength of the ancient Han working people. According to historical records, this ancient trail has been completed as early as the Tang Dynasty, and it is an important channel for Huizhou merchants and Zhejiang merchants to communicate and trade in history.

      龙川胡氏宗祠始建于宋。 Hu's Ancestral House: Long Chu's Ancestral House was built in the Song Dynasty. During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Hu Zongxian, a member of the Li People's Armed Forces Department, advocated donations for expansion. The original plaque on the main hall of the Ancestral Hall had two characters: “Ancestral Hall”. The gloss king is the uncle of Emperor Jiajing. It can be seen that the shrine has been over 400 years ago. Since then, the ancestral shrine has undergone several repairs, the larger one of which was the twenty-four years of the Qing Emperor Guangxu (1898). Therefore, the main structure and interior decoration still maintained the artistic style of the Ming Dynasty.

      多奇峰怪石,植被丰茂,瀑布流泉,云海霞光。 Longxu Mountain: Strange peaks and rocks, lush vegetation, waterfalls, springs, clouds and clouds. In the west, there are Longfeng Temple and Ancient Lu'an, which have been destroyed. Longfeng Zen Temple is the place where Hu Zongxian read in the Ming Dynasty. The mountain has the dragon's whisker, making a good note, known as the dragon's whisker paper in the ancient times. After the Southern Tang Dynasty, Li Zhen's love is good, and it is stored in the "Chengxintang". .

      The Huihang Ancient Trail is one of the top ten hiking routes in the country. The ancient road has a long history and was established as early as the Tang Dynasty. It is an important channel for exchanges and trade between Huizhou merchants and Zhejiang merchants in history. The unique Huihang Ancient Road lingers on the ancient, traditional and vicissitudes of the atmosphere.

      Blue sky concave

      A place closest to the blue sky

      Sections of stone steps lead to quiet mountain paths,

      The steep stone walls add a bit of excitement to the hike.

      Standing at the highest point of the ancient road,

      You can overlook the white clouds in a blue sky.

      A mountain field like a wonderland.

      Hu's hometown wants to combine humanities and natural landscapes. It is Jixi Longchuan Scenic Spot in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. It is a national AAAAA-grade tourist spot officially approved by the National Tourism Administration. It is located in Longchuan Village, Jixi County, southern Anhui. Ancient Villages.

      When spring comes, Longchuan, a Hui village, is surrounded by rapeseed


      Bailong Waterfall in Xushan

      Activity itinerary The following itinerary is recommended, information is for reference only

      Activity itinerary

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      Shanghai 汽车 Lin'an
      Lin'an Business Hotel Standard Room

      在“费用说明”一栏有,活动余款车上收,团队可独立定制各种活动, Note: The specific expenses are listed in the column of "Expense Description". The remaining amount of the car will be collected. The team can customize various activities independently. Phone: 13524248077 18105735795 WeChat: 437342390

      别的俱乐部只走徽行古道,而我们的线路除了徽行古道还入住胡主席的故乡龙川,早晚工作人员没上班时还可以免费参观胡氏宗祠,D3上午还加了一个龙须山景区,一次行程四个看点,充分领略徽派文化。 Line features: Other clubs only take the Huihang Ancient Road, and our line stays in Longchuan, the hometown of Chairman Hu, in addition to the Huixing Ancient Road. In the morning and evening, staff can visit the Hu's Ancestral Hall for free, and a dragon is added in the morning at D3 In the Xushan Scenic Area, there are four highlights in one trip to fully appreciate the Hui school culture.

      ,19:20 沪闵路报春路公交站台(1号线外环路地铁站北2出口过天桥后右拐往前600米 ,19:40 松江荣乐路人民北路公交站台(9号线松江体育中心站3号出口左转60米) ,车上大家相互自我介绍,一路欢歌笑语! 十二一点半到达农家休息,养精蓄锐,为明天活动做好准备。 Set off at the entrance of Shanghai Museum Store, 188 Wusheng Road (exit from Exit 1 of People's Square Metro, Metro Line 1.2.8) , stop at 19:20 at Huchun Road Baochun Road Bus Station (Line 1 Outer Ring Road Metro After exiting the overpass at Station North 2, turn right and go 600 meters ahead at 19:40 , Songjiang Rongle Road, Renmin North Road bus platform (turn left at 60 meters from Songjiang Sports Center Station, Line 9) , everyone on the bus introduces themselves. Cheers and laughter all the way! Arrive at the farm at 12:30 to rest, cultivate energy and prepare for tomorrow's activities.

      Boarding point description: http://natuosp.cn/Travels/Show.aspx?id=14

      Lin'an 汽车 Zhejitian 步行 Blue sky concave 步行 Jiangnan First Pass 汽车 Longchuan
      Breakfast, dinner
      Longchuan Homestay (Independent, own toiletries)

      8:00 departure after breakfast
      Arriving at the entrance of the Hangzhou Ancient Road in Lin'an around 9:00, the light-footed trek officially began. The ancient people walked through the ancient village of Zhechuan to enter the ancient road.
      11: 00 Arrive at the legendary blue sky recess, ready to exclaim the beauty of the scenery ~ The photo should be taken. This is the high point of the Huihang Ancient Road. We will rest here for lunch.
      Arrived at the first pass of Jiangnan at 16:00. This is the essence of Huihang Ancient Road. The slab planks cut out by the cliffs are magnificent! Let's take a photo with the concave shape together! !!
      Leave the gate at 17:00, drive to the farmhouse, taste authentic farmhouse dishes, and talk about the stories along the way!
      19:00 Everyone sits together, talk about life, talk about ideals, play various classic games ...
      22: 00 With anticipation of the next day's beauty, rest!

      Reminder: bring your own lunch meal and drinking water, you can also buy noodles to eat

      Longchuan 步行 Shigang Canyon [Hiking] Longchuan 汽车 Shanghai
      Breakfast, Chinese

      Early in the morning, before the staff went to work, we slipped into the Hu's Ancestral Hall. The small bridge flowing water, cooking smoke, white walls and black tiles, and the sun shone into the quiet alley ... Properly saved 65 yuan, an ancient The village of Huizhou has a boat-like layout with unique terrain and beautiful scenery. The village has the national cultural relics unit "Longchuan Hu's Ancestral Hall", known as "the first house in Huizhou", the Longchuan Hu Zongxian Shushu Mansion, Huishang Hu Bingheng House and other sites. A quiet river flows by the village, and several uniquely shaped wooden bridges cross the banks!
      After breakfast, we head to Shigang, Longxu Mountain, where there are mountains and water, and there are few tourists. After returning to the farmhouse at 12:00, we will return to Shanghai after lunch. We expect to arrive in Shanghai at 19:30 pm. End a pleasant trip!



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      6. Most of the routes of the race are not commercialized and are close to the original ecology. Therefore, some line hardware facilities are insufficient! Please bring a traveler's heart and be tolerant to everything during the trip.

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