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推荐 [2 days and 2 nights of Cangshan Mountain] From September to December, hike on Cangshan Mountain, enjoy the drunken clouds and windmills, and recommend walking along Ziyang Old Street . Special offer Hot sale New products Group purchase

[2 days and 2 nights at Cangshan Mountain] Hike Cangshan Mountain from September to December, admire the beautiful windmills, and stroll along Ziyang Old Street

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      “登之见苍海,以其色苍苍然接海,故名括苍。”浙东南第一大山括苍山, 山势雄拔陡绝,峰峦叠障。 Kuang Cang Mountain: "When you see Canghai, you can see the sea because of its color. Therefore, the name is Kuang Cang." The largest mountain in southeast Zhejiang is Cangshan Mountain. Clouds and mist linger on the mountain for a long time, and the winding mountain road swirls down from the depths of the white clouds, just like the ribbon dancing against the blue sea and the blue sky.

      海拔1382.6米,系浙东南第一高峰,为21世纪中国大陆第一缕阳光首照地,在主峰米筛浪环望四周,括苍山脉绵延的山峰起伏有致,大有一览众山小之豪迈,山光海色尽收眼底。 Main peak rice sieve wave: 1382.6 meters above sea level, it is the first peak in southeast Zhejiang. It is the first place where the sun shines in the 21st century in China. Looking around the main peak rice sieve wave, the rolling peaks of the Cang Mountains are undulating. The mountains are magnificent, and the mountains and sea are panoramic.

      在括苍山之颠,由33个风车组成的风力发电场,白色的风机高高低低错落有致,与绚丽的自然景观交相辉映,形成一道壮观亮丽的风景线。 Fairy-tale windmill: In the hillside of Cangshan Mountain, a wind power plant composed of 33 windmills. The white fans are fluctuating high and low, and they complement each other with gorgeous natural landscapes, forming a spectacular and beautiful landscape.

      括苍山上观日出,世纪第一缕曙光,只见一轮红日从汹涌澎湃的大海中喷薄欲出,一跃而起,顿时红霞满天,气势磅礴的红,景色壮观。 The most magnificent sunrise: Including the sunrise on the Cangshan Mountain, the first dawn of the century, I saw a round of red sun bursting out from the surging sea, and it jumped up. Red, spectacular scenery. The sunrise and the sea of clouds are the beautiful scenery of the Cangshan Mountains. Many photography enthusiasts come to shoot beautiful works.

      五、六月份的括苍山雾,更使人感到似乎飘然仙境,心旷神怡。 The invincible sea of clouds: The fog of the Mt. Cangshan in May and June makes people feel as if they are in a fairyland, and their hearts are refreshed. The mountains are red and green, and the gorgeous and beautiful scenery is sometimes vivid, sometimes hidden in the sea of clouds. The endless sea of clouds, the Pentium stretches, and the peaks are like islands, floating and changing, and the misty sea below the mountain rises into the sea of clouds. The sea of clouds makes you feel like you are in a fairyland.

      紫阳古街因道教南宗始祖紫阳真人张伯端而得名。 Ziyang Old Street: Ziyang Ancient Street is named after Zhang Boduan, the real ancestor of the Taoism Nanzong. It has rich cultural connotations and profound cultural heritage. People still have to look slowly and taste, and they will taste the "five ancients" of "ancient buildings, ancient stone roads, ancient shops, historic sites, and ancient folk customs." The taste left a deep impression on people and made people linger.

      Activity itinerary The following itinerary is recommended, information is for reference only

      Activity itinerary

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      Shanghai 汽车 Linhai
      Linhai Business Hotel Standard Room

      在“费用说明”一栏有,活动余款车上收,团队可独立定制各种活动, Note: The specific expenses are listed in the column of "Expense Description". The remaining amount of the car will be collected. The team can customize various activities independently. Phone: 13524248077 18105735795 WeChat: 437342390

      ,19:20停沪闵路报春路公交站台(1号线外环路地铁站北2出口过天桥后右拐往前600米,19:40松江荣乐路人民北路公交站台(9号线松江体育中心站3号出口左转60米) ,车上大家相互自我介绍,一路欢歌笑语! 十二点左右到旅馆住下,养精蓄锐,为明天活动做好准备。 19:00 Pick up at the entrance of Shanghai Museum Store, 188 Wusheng Road (exit from Exit 1 of People's Square Metro, Metro Line 1.2.8) , stop at 19:20 at Humin Road Baochun Road Bus Station (outside Line 1) After exiting the overpass at North Exit 2 of the Ring Road Metro Station, turn right and go 600 meters ahead, at 19:40 Songjiang Rongle Road, Renmin North Road bus platform (turn left at 60 meters from Songjiang Sports Center Station No. 3 Line 60) Introduce yourself, sing and laugh all the way! Go to the hotel at around 12 o'clock, make your energy and prepare for tomorrow's activities.

      Boarding point description: http://natuosp.cn/Travels/Show.aspx?id=14

      Linhai 汽车 At the foot of Cangshan Mountain 步行 Cangshan Peak
      Breakfast, dinner
      Kuo Cangshan Homestay (You can take a bath and bring your own toiletries)

      7:30 After breakfast, the master took us to the entrance of the ancient road. This is an isolated village. Here we pack our backpacks and pack them up the mountain. There are many wild fruits near the ancient road. To take a stroll, come to the farmhouse in Banshan while chatting and laughing, there are delicious wild pork to eat! !! !!

      After eating and drinking and rising another 50 meters, we can see that we stayed at the farmhouse and the windmills in the evening, and came to the farmhouse with a creaking sound in the big windmill. After arranging your accommodation, find the best photography spot to see the big windmill twirling, accompanied by the sunset, sunset and the first windmill group in East China, whether it feels like being in a fairy tale.
      Return to the farmer's dinner around 18:00, taste the farmer's delicious local dishes, a glass of candle wine! How drunk ...
      Looking at the stars at 20:00, everyone gathered together to chat, kill, count the stars, everything is so beautiful! The friends you want to create have a spear cannon to shoot rare star trails and starry sky in the city!

      Reminder: light on foot, you can also follow the car to the top of the mountain, bring your own lunch at noon

      Cangshan 汽车 Ziyang Old Street 汽车 Shanghai
      Breakfast, Chinese

      Get up at about 5:30 to shoot the sunrise. The Kuo Cang Mountain sunrise is a great beauty. The sun rises in a small dome in that red spot, and the sea of clouds can be seen when the character breaks out.
      08:30 After breakfast, drive to Ziyang Old Street. There is a bustling snack street: small restaurants, early stalls, fruit stalls, and various seaside snacks: noodles, wheat prawns, egg white sheep tail, horseshoe crisps ... Food can be separated Foraging, this is a quiet old street, antique, without excessive commercial development, full of photographic materials!
      11:30 Find a place to have a good Chinese food.

      Back to Shanghai around 19:00



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      6. Most of the routes of the race are not commercialized and are close to the original ecology. Therefore, some line hardware facilities are insufficient! Please bring a traveler's heart and be tolerant to everything during the trip.

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