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推荐 [2 days and 2 nights in the spring of Huahai Wuyuan] March to April, drunk beautiful Wuyuan, strolling along the ancient road of Huahai, fine ink Huizhou, staying in the Millennium Village recommended special offer hot sale new product group purchase

[2 days and 2 nights of Huahai Wuyuan Spring] March to April, drunk the beautiful Wuyuan, strolling along the ancient road of Huahai, fine ink Huizhou, and staying in the Millennium Village

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      Wuyuan Rape Flower: Every spring, Wuyuan enters the most beautiful season of the year. Rapeseed flowers, rob flowers, peach blossoms, and pear blossoms open in large areas, hiding in the ancient Huiju village surrounded by white walls, black tiles, and clear water. Such as childhood poetry, it has been praised by the outside world. It is "the most beautiful village in China", a green pearl inlaid at the junction of the three provinces of Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Anhui.

      江岭万亩梯田花海,江岭被誉为“中国四大花海之一”,华东最具视觉冲击力的赏花地。 Jiangling: The 10,000-acre terraced sea of flowers in Jiangling. Jiangling is known as "one of the four largest seas of flowers in China" and is the most visually stunning flower viewing spot in East China. The best rapeseed landmark in Wuyuan.

      建于唐开元间(公元674年),一个有1300多年历史的古村落。 Qingyuan: Built in the Tang Dynasty (AD 674), an ancient village with a history of more than 1,300 years. According to legend, the ancient ancestor of the ancient village Hachiko came to this place, and found that there was such an open area surrounded by high mountains, and then Lulu Village was built at Xiashuikou. A former unit of the Taiping Army, the striker entered the entrance of Qingyuan Village to see the folk architecture here. The mountain was cut off. Suspected to be the end of the valley, he turned back to Wucun and went down the direction of Duanling.

      坐落在横江、率水和新安江三江汇流之处,所以又被称为流动的“清明上河图” ,是中国保存最完整、最具有南宋和明清建筑风格的古代街市,也是中国“全国重点文物保护单位”。 Tunxi Old Street: It is located at the confluence of the three rivers of Hengjiang, Shuishui, and Xin'anjiang, so it is also known as the flowing Qingming Shanghe map. It is the most complete ancient market in China with the architectural style of the Southern Song and Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is also China's "National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit".

      The ancient village of the previous year ~ Qingyuan

      Jiangling's most beautiful season

      Purple cherry blossoms, canola flowers, farming, beautiful pictures

      Village head peach blossom, pear blossom, rape blossom, white wall and black tile-the village in the painting

      Walk in it, indulge in it, and slow down time ...

      By the river in Tunxi Old Street, people relax and fish, antique stone arch bridge

      Activity itinerary The following itinerary is recommended, information is for reference only

      Activity itinerary

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      Shanghai 汽车 Tunxi
      Business Hotel Standard Room

      在“费用说明”一栏有,活动余款车上收,团队可独立定制各种活动, Note: The specific expenses are listed in the column of "Expense Description". The remaining amount of the car will be collected. The team can customize various activities independently. Phone: 13524248077 18105735795 WeChat: 437342390

      ,19:20 沪闵路报春路公交站台(1号线外环路地铁站北2出口过天桥后右拐往前600米 ,19:40 松江荣乐路人民北路公交站台(9号线松江体育中心站3号出口左转60米) ,车上大家相互自我介绍,一路欢歌笑语! 一点左右到达宾馆住下!养精蓄锐,为明天做好准备。 19:00 Pick up at the entrance of Shanghai Museum Store, 188 Wusheng Road (exit from Exit 1 of People's Square Metro, Metro Line 1.2.8) , stop at 19:20 at Humin Road Baochun Road Bus Station (outside Line 1) After exiting the overpass at North Exit 2 of the Ring Road Metro Station, turn right and go 600 meters ahead , at 19:40 Songjiang Rongle Road, Renmin North Road bus platform (turn left at 60 meters from Songjiang Sports Center Station No. 3 Line 60) , everyone on the bus will be mutually Introduce yourself, sing and laugh all the way! Arrive at the hotel at about one o'clock! Keep up your energy and prepare for tomorrow.

      Boarding point description: http://natuosp.cn/Travels/Show.aspx?id=14

      Tunxi 汽车 Xiaoqi 步行 Qingyuan
      Breakfast, dinner
      Qingyuan Farmhouse (shared bathroom for 2-3 people, if you need to have a separate bathroom with air-conditioned standard room, it costs 50 yuan more per person, you need to bring your own toiletries)

      After breakfast, head to the quiet Tunxi Old Street to find the quaint humanistic atmosphere. It is known as the flowing "Qingming Shanghe Map" and is currently the most complete pedestrian commercial street in the Song, Ming and Qing architectural style in China. It is recommended to eat food at the "Wang Yitao" home.
      After breakfast, we headed to Wuyuan Xiaoqi and went to the hall. Everyone was exclaimed here for the first time. How beautiful the small mountain village surrounded by large rapeseeds is, let's kill the memory.
      At 10:30, I started to walk along the Qingshi Ancient Road. From time to time, I will pass through unknown villages, scattered rapeseed terraces in the highlands, and old cows grazing silently ...

      11:30 Arrive at Xanadu Mountain Village Village for lunch (leader can order lunch, everyone AA, bring your own dry food), the quiet and ancient village is surrounded by radish flowers, rapeseed flowers, pear flowers, peach flowers, like a fairyland!

      At around 15:30, we reached Qingyuan, a thousand-year-old ancient village in the deep mountains of Wuyuan. The ancient village and ancient house here is the best choice for Pose. A small river flows through the village. The peach and pear blossoms by the river have bloomed. When you walk outside the village, the small river bends. , In the quiet valley, covered by golden yellow rapeseed flowers, what a paradise!

      17:30 Enjoy delicious farm dishes, take a walk after meals, or drink rice wine in the small bar in the village, Kan Dashan!

      Qingyuan 汽车 Jiangling 汽车 Shanghai

      After breakfast, drive to Wuyuan's most spectacular Jiangling rapeseed terraces, passing by the mountains and the Pinghu Lake along the way, with beautiful scenery. Jiangling is probably the most worthwhile place in Wuyuan, because the rapeseed flowers everywhere are terraced, spread from the top of the mountain to the valley, and stand on the top of the mountain. The rapeseed layers are layered in the valley at the foot of the sky. Surrounded by a few small villages in the middle, the Hui dwellings with black tiles and white walls are interspersed with a golden color, with an artistic mood.
      11:00 bid farewell to Wuyuan to get on the bus and return, find a place for lunch at 12:00, and return to Shanghai at about 19:00, looking forward to the next trip!



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