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[Daxiang Circle Line 9th] Daocheng Yading, Meili Snow Mountain, Lijiang, Da Shangri-La, Lugu Lake, Erhai Lake, Rural Town

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      Line introduction

      [This is what the product manager said]

      1. Xichang is an unforgettable city. It is no exaggeration to describe Xichang by "half landscape, half city". There is indeed a place with mountains and water. Xichang not only has beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery, but also a comfortable and pleasant climate. It is a good place for travel and photography.

      2. On the shore of the beautiful Lugu Lake, there are Mosuo people of the Naxi tribe. They are the only matrilineal clan society in the world today, and everything is dominated by women. As a result, Mosuo girls are more affectionate and active than women elsewhere. The Mosuo marriage system is the strangest and most free form of marriage in the world.

      3. If there are a thousand Hamlets in the hearts of a thousand readers, then there are 10,000 Lijiang in the hearts of 10,000 tourists. Lijiang is hustle and bustle, you can carnival all night; Lijiang is peaceful, you can sit in the sun-drenched courtyard for a long time. This ancient city full of love and adventure meets full of affection and sensibility.

      4, Meili Snow Mountain, the mountain lake is clear and quiet, because of pure and showing incredible color. The hills and valleys between the snow bees, the modern glaciers are scattered in the forest, the avalanches are frequent and mysterious. It is said that if someone shouts, there will be an effect of "calling the wind and calling the rain", so almost everyone passing by will calm down, Unwilling to anger the gods and cause avalanches.

      5. The township Zhongde Village is one of the locations for the film "Passing by Your World." Through the ramparts, radio stations, Tibetan houses, and quaint bluestone trails ... we punched cards in turn to realize the movie.

      6. For Shangri-La, a world-famous brand, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Tibet once became hot. In 2004, the three parties reached a consensus to delimit the Shangri-La. In the same year, China National Geographic Magazine released a collector's album of "Shangri-La-Drawing a Circle for the Most Beautiful Places in China".

      7. The Three Gods Mountain of Daocheng (Xiannai, Yangmaiyong, Xanaduoji) is known as the ten most beautiful mountains in China. They are in the most beautiful form, silently under the blue sky and white clouds, bathed in the cold moonlight.

      8. This is one of "the most extraordinary pure land in the world", all of which are beautiful scenery. There are towering and holy snowy mountains, vast expanses of grassland, winding rivers, serene and beautiful lakes, golden temples, pious and simple herdsmen, herds of cattle and sheep ... that can meet all your expectations.

      Activity itinerary The following itinerary is recommended, information is for reference only

      Activity itinerary

      • 18 years or older
      • Under 18
      Everywhere 飞机 Chengdu Collection
      Chengdu Business Hotel (Yijia Style Hotel / Ibis Hotel or the same class, double standard room alone)

      每期都成行,报名后审核确定有位再付费出机票! Note: Each period will be completed. After registration, we will confirm that there is a place to pay for the ticket! The specific expenses and schedules are listed in the "Expense Description" column. The team can customize various activities independently. Tel: 13524248077 18105735795 WeChat: 437342390

      Teammates arrived in Chengdu one after another and checked in at the hotel front desk according to the SMS address. For directions from the airport or train station to the hotel, you can use mobile phone map navigation or consult customer service. If you have ample time, you can choose to visit the urban attractions such as Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Cottage, Jinsha Site Museum, Panda Base, etc .; you can also enjoy the slow time in Chengdu and stroll in the ancient alleys at Kuanzhai Alley, Jinli, Qintai Road Sip tea by the river and pick an ear. Chengdu is also a gourmet capital. There are many choices of Sichuan cuisine, hot pot, and snacks.

      Chengdu 汽车 Yaan 汽车 Erhai 汽车 Xichang
      Xichang Local Hotel (Xichang Heyuehai Wetland Hotel / Fangyu Hotel or similar, double standard room alone)

      After breakfast at the hotel, we boarded the car on time and arrived at Yu'an Ya'an via the Chengya Expressway. The typical western rural scenery along the way. Cross the Nibashan Tunnel, the first long tunnel in the southwest, and cross the Huahai Yaxi to experience the spectacular bridges in the waterfall ditch reservoir area. Feel the charm of Iasi Expressway all the way. After arriving at Xichang at noon

      In the afternoon, we will take a tour of the Laoshan Mountain in the “Landscape of South Sichuan” (round trip cableway 25 yuan / person, take care of yourself). With the time of ease, there is a warm feeling. After that, visit the Erhai Lake, the "Pearl of the West", freely move around the sea, stroll between the mountains and rivers of Erhai Lake, and listen to the sound of the sea. Arrive at the hotel and check in.

      Xichang 汽车 Salt source 汽车 Lugu Lake Observation Deck 汽车 Walk the bridge 汽车 Lugu Lake
      Lugu Lake Local Inn (Dazu Wharf Candy Pie / Caohai Hongze Hotel or similar, double standard room alone)

      After having a meal in the hotel in the morning, drive by the "Langshan Apple Land" salt source, admire the plateau green sea aerial forest, Mopan Mountain, Xiaoshan Mountain, the scenery of the Yalong River, and the 10,000-acre apple orchard in Yanyuan. , Listen to the legend of Mosuo. Arrive at Lugu Lake at about noon. After lunch, go to the Lugu Lake Observation Deck. Take a photo here. Then take a bus to go around the lake to Caohai and the Wedding Bridge. Listen to the guide explaining the origin of the Wedding Bridge. When you come to Lover Beach, Lover Beach is a very beautiful beach on the shore of Lugu Lake. Take a picture in the tree of lovers and savor the touching legend of love on the shore of Lugu Lake. After the tour, return to the hotel and rest.

      Lugu Lake 汽车 Rig peninsula 汽车 Lijiang
      Lijiang Local Inn (Yunding View Hotel / Auspicious Yuanyuan Hotel or similar, double standard room alone)

      You can get up early in the morning and watch the sunrise of Lugu Lake (you can ask your guide in advance about the best time and place for sunrise). If you come to Lugu Lake, you must wait for a sunrise or sunset surprise and romance. After having breakfast at the hotel, I arrived at the Xiaoluo Water Scenic Area. This is the last village by the Lugu Lake in Yunnan. The border between Yunnan and Sichuan is at the entrance of the village, the ancient residential buildings in the village, and the original Mosuo style. , Saved so far. Then head to the Lige Peninsula, where there are lakes like blue waves, high-altitude white clouds and surrounding peaks clearly reflected in the water, and the lake and mountain shadows are integrated into a crystalline body. After the tour, return to your hotel in Lijiang to rest.

      Lijiang 汽车 Jinsha River Grand Bay 汽车 Dense fog 汽车 Feilai Temple
      Feilai Temple Local Hotel (Pearl Hotel / Kavaborg Hotel or similar, double standard room alone)

      After having breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the Jinsha River Dawan Scenic Area. As the Jinsha River mainly travels through high mountains and plateaus, after millions of years of river erosion, many high-level differences of 2,000-3000 meters along the Jinsha River were formed. Spectacular canyon. At the junction of Benzilan Town, Deqin County, Yunnan Province and Zigeng Township, Derong County, Sichuan Province, the Jinsha River turned a U-shaped bend in the canyon. Then head to Meili Snow Mountain Fog Ding Scenic Area, which is a great place to overlook the Meili Snow Mountain. At night, you will arrive at Feilai Temple to stay.

      Feilai Temple Observation Deck 汽车 Township
      Xiangcheng Local Hotel (Tashi Hotel or similar, single-person double room)

      Get up early today. After breakfast, I will depart from the hotel to Feilai Temple Observation Deck. Feilai Temple is directly opposite the main peak of Meili Snow Mountain, Kawagbo. It is an excellent place to shoot "Rizhao Jinshan". After the tour, I arrived at the town and city accommodation. This is a fusion of the three ethnic styles of Tibet, Han and Naxi. The unique women's Tibetan clothing in the town and city is unique in the entire Tibetan area.

      Zhongde Village (township) 汽车 Shangri-la 汽车 Domaratso 汽车 Aden Village
      Songji House / Rock House / Post-Medieval House or the Same Class, Double Standard Room with Independent Guard)

      Today, we went to Zhongde Village, another location of "Passing by Your World", where you can feel the pure Tibetan folk customs. After that, drive to Shangri-La Town. After lunch, transfer to the Aden Ticket Station and transfer to the scenic sightseeing car (tourist fare 120 yuan / person, take care of yourself) and continue to the last Shangri-La, which is surrounded by dreams, to Aden Village at about 1 o'clock. (Generally, when the car is still at the observation deck above Aden Village, everyone will start screaming as long as the weather is better, because Xiannoni God Mountain (Guanyin Bodhisattva) stands in front of everyone like a big Buddha!) ). This afternoon, you can also visit the Zhuomala Co. (Pearl Sea) under the Mount Shenanoi, and pay close attention to the Mount Shenano. After entering the scenic area, you can hike to Chonggu Temple, and then continue to Pearl Sea. Enjoy the beautiful view of Xiannian God Mountain and the charming Pearl Sea next to it. Later, I walked along the road and played, then returned to Aden Village to stay. Living in Yading Inn, opposite the towering Xiannengri Snow Mountain, no matter the dusk or dawn, or even the starry night, there are amazing scenery here.

      Aden Village 汽车 Luorong cattle farm 汽车 Sea of milk 汽车 Five-colored sea 汽车 Inagi
      Daocheng Local Hotel (Daocheng Tianjie Impression Hotel / Pinyin Collector / Shengdi Yading VIP Building or the same class, double standard room alone)

      Be sure to get up early today. At the same time, it is also a relatively free day. Physical players can challenge the Milk Sea and the Sea of Colors. Generally, it takes about 3 hours to walk from Aden Village to Luorong Cattle Farm (you can also choose to take a battery car, 80 yuan for each round trip / 50 yuan for each side, and you need to take care of yourself). Generally, for most guests, the Luorong cattle farm is the central area of Yading Scenic Area. Here you can see the two god mountains of Yang Maiyong (Manjushri Bodhisattva) and Charlotte Dorje (Vajrayana Bodhisattva). Then everyone continued to go up on foot or horseback (riding costs are at your own expense) and reached the Milk Sea and the Five-Colored Sea in about 3 hours. (The most beautiful time of Wuisehai is from 1pm to 2pm. It must be sunny and sunny. When the sun shines on the Wuisehai, it will definitely make you forget all your troubles. But the elevation of Wuisehai It is higher, with an altitude of more than 4,700 meters, and the weather changes abnormally. It may encounter heavy rain and wind at any time, so this is also an undesirable situation. Please be sure to calm your mind. In addition, because you are walking in high altitude areas , Please do your best, the scenery can be seen again, safety always comes first!). Return to the gate of the scenic area at around 5 pm and return to Daocheng Hotel by car to rest.

      Inagi 汽车 Aden airport drop off

      Today is the last day of the trip. After breakfast in the hotel in the morning, I will be transported to the airport by the master according to the flight time. (You can also return to Chengdu by car for free with the master and take care of your meals and accommodation along the way.) A big family has spent 9 unforgettable days together, "there is no banquet in the world", no matter how persistent you are, you have to be different. Leave a phone call and WeChat, let us stay in each other's life forever, grow together, and grow old! Be grateful to everyone, everything! I wish you all the best, Tashidler!



      1. The club will send “departure SMS” or create a WeChat group reminder 2 to 3 days before the event. If you do n’t receive it, please call the staff to know the meeting hotel, team leader ’s contact information, etc.

      2. In order to protect the legal rights and interests, please fill out the tourist information accurately and completely before payment. The club will not bear the corresponding responsibility because of the incomplete information and inaccurate insurance compensation.

      3. Male and female registration together, please indicate in the remarks column if you cannot live together; separately, if you need to arrange the same car and the same room to participate in the event together, please indicate in the remarks column (this information is only visible to you and staff) Please rest assured)

      4. Outdoor activities for race travel, implement a strict safety guarantee system, team members must obey the arrangements of the team, abide by local cultural practices, pay attention to road signs to avoid outdoor risks

      5. Please bring your ID card or passport. If you are staying at the farmer ’s house, please bring your own toiletries, wear clothes suitable for outdoor sports, and wear hiking shoes, hiking shoes, brook shoes, etc. (select the best one according to the type of activity) Shoes, no high heels, leather shoes, wear stockings to avoid grinding feet)

      6. Most of the routes of the race are not commercialized and are close to the original ecology. Therefore, some line hardware facilities are insufficient! Please bring a traveler's heart and be tolerant to everything during the trip.

      7. Environmentally friendly travel, green outdoor! Do not throw unexplainable trash along the way

      8. If you take special medicine, please bring it with you, the leader only brings some regular medicine

      9. The weather is changeable outdoors, please prepare rain gear and sunscreen in case of uncertainty

      10. Line consultation: snow and snow 13524248077 18105735795

      11. Wechat public account of Yansai Travel: shyisai

      [Precautions for High Mountain Travel]

      1. When first entering the plateau, do not overeating, so as not to increase the burden on the digestive organs. Do not drink and smoke, do not exercise vigorously, so that it can adapt to this environment.

      2, eat more vegetables, fruits and other substances rich in vitamins, drink plenty of water.

      3, to prevent colds caused by cold. The plateau temperature difference is particularly large, it is easy to catch cold and catch a cold. It is better to be hot, not cold, and wear more clothes.

      4. Once the altitude sickness occurs, you don't need to panic, you need targeted treatment according to the degree of the reaction. If the response is low, you can take a resting method, drink more water and exercise less, and usually disappear or weaken after a period of time.

      5. Commonly used drugs to prevent altitude sickness: Rhodiola needs to be taken one week before entering the mountain, and it is taken consistently on the road, which can effectively prevent altitude sickness. American ginseng lozenges or other ginseng products can improve all aspects of the human body's function and enhance the ability to resist hypoxia.

      6. To prevent dryness, especially lipsticks and sunscreens for sun protection can effectively prevent water loss and increase the body's resistance.

      7. Safety factors should be fully considered in outdoor sports. Safety cannot be ignored because the scenery is too good. It is best not to go out alone at night in the accommodation.

      8. As most sections of the whole journey are on the plateau, the driving time is longer. There may be delays in arrival due to objective reasons such as traffic jams and road maintenance.

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