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[Two Peaks Climbing] Climbing the Four Girls Erfeng on the 5th

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      Line introduction

      [Destination Introduction]

      四姑娘山位于四川省阿坝州小金县与汶川县交界处,距离成都235千米,由四座常年被冰雪覆盖的山峰组成,她们从北到南,在3—5公里范围内一字排开,其高度分别为6250米、5355米、5276米、5025米。 Siguniang Mountain: Siguniang Mountain is located at the junction of Xiaojin County and Wenchuan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, 235 kilometers away from Chengdu. It consists of four mountain peaks covered by snow all year round. They run from north to south within a range of 3-5 kilometers. Lined up, its height is 6250 meters, 5355 meters, 5276 meters, 5025 meters. Shemei Peak is the highest peak in Aba Prefecture and enjoys the reputation of "Queen of Shushan". The densely forested snow-covered foothills throughout the year are known as the "Oriental Alps" and are ideal for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing. The second peak of Siguniang Mountain we climbed at 5,276 meters above sea level looks exactly like Mount Everest. Because of its moderate difficulty, long climbing cycle, low risk, strong sense of experience, and no technical equipment, it has become five kilometers for many donkey friends. Snow mountain climbing is preferred. The second peak of Mount Siguniang Mountain is right at your fingertips, and the second peak of Mount Siguniang Mountain is a place where you can admire the sea of clouds and light. It is definitely a paradise for your dreams of snowy mountains and a perfect climbing training ground for you!

      是四姑娘山三条沟的其中一条,以登山探险景观为主,原始的高原风光和高山湖泊是海子的两大亮点。 Haizigou: It is one of the three ditches of Siguniang Mountain . It is mainly based on mountaineering adventure landscapes. The original plateau scenery and alpine lakes are the two highlights of Haizi. Guozhuangping in Haizigou is the place where the Jiarong Tibetans around the Siguniang Mountain have been sacrificed. It is also the most beautiful place to watch the panorama of Siguniang Mountain. Entering Haizigou, you will enter the no-signal zone, escape from the disturbance of life and camp at the edge of the sea, enjoy the breeze and warm sun, and look at the blue sky and white clouds. It is a great pleasure to relax outside the world.

      Activity itinerary The following itinerary is recommended, information is for reference only

      Activity itinerary

      • 18 years or older
      Everywhere 飞机 Chengdu Collection
      Chengdu City Business Hotel Standard Room

      每期都成行,报名后审核确定有位再付费出机票! Note: Each period will be completed. After registration, we will confirm that there is a place to pay for the ticket! The specific expenses and schedules are listed in the "Expense Description" column. The team can customize various activities independently. Tel: 13524248077 18105735795 WeChat: 437342390

      Teammates arrived in Chengdu one after another and checked in at the hotel front desk according to the SMS address. For directions from the airport or train station to the hotel, you can use mobile phone map navigation or consult customer service. If you have ample time, you can choose to visit the urban attractions such as Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Cottage, Jinsha Site Museum, Panda Base, etc .; you can also enjoy the slow time in Chengdu and stroll in the ancient alleys at Kuanzhai Alley, Jinli, Qintai Road Sip tea by the river and pick an ear. Chengdu is also a gourmet capital. There are many choices of Sichuan cuisine, hot pot, and snacks.

      Chengdu 汽车 Yingxiu 汽车 Wolong 汽车 Barang shan 汽车 Siguniangshan Town
      breakfast lunch dinner
      Siguniang Mountain Inn (Double Standard Room)

      After breakfast, we will depart for Siguniangshan Town, pass Dujiangyan, and exit the city on the Duwen Expressway. After the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake epicenter Yingxiu Expressway, we will reach the National Giant Panda Protection and Breeding Base along the 303 Provincial Highway and walk up the Wolong Canyon. Climb over the Panda Kingdom at 3,800 meters above sea level-Balang Mountain (tunnel), view the meadows of Balang Mountain, enjoy the amazing natural scenery of Balang Mountain, pass the cat nose bridge, one of the best shooting spots of Mount Siguniang, and admire Mount Siguniang Panorama, arrive at Siguniang Mountain in the afternoon, adapt to the altitude, purchase supplies and check equipment.

      Siguniangshan Town 步行 Naozhuangping 步行 Haizigou 步行 Tipped bag 步行 Second Peak Base Camp
      Breakfast, dinner
      Erfeng Base Camp

      After breakfast, proceed to the scenic outdoor activity center and set off (with ID card). Enter Haizigou today, climb from Siguniangshan Town all the way to Guozhuangping, and watch the panorama of Siguniang Mountain along the way. Into the ditch, most of them are mainly alpine meadows, mixed with some shrubs and jungles, the vegetation is extremely high, and the scenery is pleasant all the way. Go straight up the ditch, continue to climb in the afternoon after picking up lunch, and arrive at the base camp in the evening. This section of the road requires a certain amount of physical strength, it is recommended that members with poor physical strength contact the horses in advance in order to save physical strength to reach the top (riding costs are at your own expense).

      Second Peak Base Camp 步行 Summit 步行 Return to Siguniangshan Town
      Breakfast, dinner
      Siguniangshan Town Boutique Inn (Double Standard Room)

      Get up at around 3:00 in the morning, set off for breakfast, determine the list of topping personnel according to the status of the team members, and do the topping with the help of the guide and collaboration. The state can reach the peak in about 4 hours. After the celebration, we carefully retreated. It took about 2-3 hours to reach the camp. The base camp returned to Siguniangshan Town. After arriving at Siguniangshan Town Inn, we took a good rest after celebrating. Climbing is physically exhausting. If you need to book a horse down the mountain, you can inform the team leader the night before (riding costs are at your own expense).

      Siguniangshan Town 汽车 Barang shan 汽车 Chengdu
      Breakfast, Chinese
      Self-care, club can book

      After breakfast, we will return to Chengdu and end our pleasant journey. The time to arrive in Chengdu is around 2 pm. It is recommended to book tickets after 5 pm.

      Tips: If there is no traffic jam, return to Chengdu at about 2pm on the last day, please book flights or trips after 17:00.



      1. The club will send “departure SMS” or create a WeChat group reminder 2 to 3 days before the event. If you do n’t receive it, please call the staff to know the meeting hotel, team leader ’s contact information, etc.

      2. In order to protect the legal rights and interests, please fill out the tourist information accurately and completely before payment. The club will not bear the corresponding responsibility because of the incomplete information and inaccurate insurance compensation.

      3. Male and female registration together, please indicate in the remarks column if you cannot live together; separately, if you need to arrange the same car and the same room to participate in the event together, please indicate in the remarks column (this information is only visible to you and staff) Please rest assured)

      4. Outdoor activities for race travel, implement a strict safety guarantee system, team members must obey the arrangements of the team, abide by local cultural practices, pay attention to road signs to avoid outdoor risks

      5. Please bring your ID card or passport. If you are staying at the farmer ’s house, please bring your own toiletries, wear clothes suitable for outdoor sports, and wear hiking shoes, hiking shoes, brook shoes, etc. (select the best one according to the type of activity) Shoes, no high heels, leather shoes, wear stockings to avoid grinding feet)

      6. Most of the routes of the race are not commercialized and are close to the original ecology. Therefore, some line hardware facilities are insufficient! Please bring a traveler's heart and be tolerant to everything during the trip.

      7. Environmentally friendly travel, green outdoor! Do not throw unexplainable trash along the way

      8. If you take special medicine, please bring it with you, the leader only brings some regular medicine

      9. The weather is changeable outdoors, please prepare rain gear and sunscreen in case of uncertainty

      10. Line consultation: snow and snow 13524248077 18105735795

      11. Wechat public account of Yansai Travel: shyisai

      [Personal Equipment]

      Large backpack (about 60L), small backpack (about 20L), sleeping bag (limit temperature -15 degrees), assault pants, fleece pants, down jacket, hat, sunglasses, gloves, turban, trekking poles, water bottle, hiking shoes, snow Sets, multiple pairs of socks, sunscreen, lipstick, personal special medicines, headlights or flashlights, personal tableware, toiletries, rain gear, simple crampons (recommended in the snow season)

      [Public Equipment]

      Camping tents (2 persons and 1 top), moisture-proof mats, cooking tents, dining tables, cookware, food, fuel, walkie-talkies, emergency medicine, oxygen, etc.

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