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优质 实用 Travels | Mid-Autumn Tour of Sanqing Mountain
  • fengxue

  • September 2018
  • Shanghai
  • Sanqingshan
  • 690 yuan

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Sanqing Mountain was also called Shaohua Mountain in the past, located at the junction of Yushan County and Dexing City, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. The main body is located in the hinterland of the Huaiyu Mountains. The mountains are steep on the east, south, and west, and slightly slower on the north. Because the three peaks of Yujing, Yuxu and Yuhua are like the Taoist Yuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing, they are named on the top of the mountain. Among them, Jade Peak is the highest, with an elevation of 1819.9 meters, the fifth highest peak in Jiangxi and the highest peak of the Huaiyu Mountains, and the source of the Xinjiang River. Since ancient times, Sanqing Mountain, which enjoys the reputation of "the world's unparalleled blessed land, the highest peak in the south of Gao Lingyun Han River", has always been a place where tourists and poets are enchanted.


On September 23, 2018, we came to Sanqing Mountain and felt the mysterious breath given to him by the clear and handsome peaks and valleys of the first immortal peak in the south of the river and the long-established Taoist shrine. We arrived in Sanqing Mountain by a chartered car in Shanghai for more than seven hours. Standing at the foot of Sanqing Mountain, we were washed by the breeze and mist. The laziness and burnout along the way were swept away.


In front of the Sanqing Mountain, the walls are soaring, the mist is hazy, and the mountains are verdant, which makes people can't help but feel passionate and surging, and can't help but immediately fly into the mountains to make the closest hug with Xianfeng Holy Land, which has traveled several times. We took the outer Shuangxi ropeway to go up the mountain. The ropeway in Sanqingshan was very beautiful. There could be 8 people in the car at a time. When I got on the ropeway, the car brushed out the ropeway door and drove up. I couldn't help but carelessly. Every time I got on the iron bridge bracket, I was mentally carefree. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the horizontal distance was 5km. The elevation increased from 200m to 1816m. The angle of the ropeway near the mountain is still quite large. The wind in the canyon sways the car in the air, making people feel a little fear. No wonder the platform declares that it is not easy for people with heart disease to ride on the ropeway, it seems that this is indeed the case!


When the car passed the seventh ropeway platform iron bridge, you can see the famous scenic spot of Sanqing Mountain, the goddess Sichun, from the car! From a distance, there is a large rock on the top of the mountain, much like a young girl looking at the mountain! That vision image really looks like a contemplative girl! Because of the long distance and the misty mountains, it is impossible to shoot through the car glass camera. However, looking at the image of the goddess Si Chun from the car is quite lifelike! From the Sanqingshan tourism introduction, Goddess Peak is one of the three magnificent scenery of Sanqing Mountain. It is located at the south of Sanqing Mountain and stands on the face of Yujing Peak. It is more than 86 meters high and overlooks the distance. From all angles, this peak looks like Girl, plump and beautiful. She has a high nose, a cherry mouth, a round chin, shoulder-length hair, sitting straight and contemplative; holding two ancient pines in her hands, in order to keep spring in the world forever. Its peak resembles ghostly axe and magical work, which has made this artistic treasure.


After exiting the ropeway, it can be seen from a stop at the exit of the ropeway that the geographical location of Waishuangxi ropeway is 1246 meters above sea level. Standing on a step at the top of the ropeway platform, I looked around. The mountains and peaks are lush, and the thin clouds are winding around the mountainside. Although I know this is just the tip of Sanqing Mountain, the essence of the landscape is in the deep mountains. To my surprise, Jiangnan's first fairy peak really lived up to its reputation.

Our tour plan is to walk along the scenic route on the west coast to Sanqing Palace on the same day, and stay near Sanqing Palace. The next day, take the Sunshine Coast to the east coast, and then return to the Sungai Ropeway and go down the mountain. Such an arrangement can have enough time to slowly watch and enjoy the wonders and spectacles, to touch and trace the history of the rise and decline of Taoism in this place, and to avoid repeating the tour of the horse.


The air in Sanqingshan is exceptionally fresh and it is a natural holy land of negative oxygen ions. Breathing the natural air of Sanqingshan and overlooking the peaks, it really feels relaxed and happy! The mist in the distant mountains is dim, and the tourists in the vicinity are like weaving. Stepping on the Sanqingshan Stone Road, struggling to climb up. This is a step-up section of stone steps. Although it is not as narrow as the steep slopes of the Eighteen Pan Slopes of Taishan Mountain, the continuous steps up are also a test of physical strength. The scenery along the way is picturesque, with clouds rolling and clouds stretching and peaks turning, and finally reached the volley boardwalk on the west coast in breathless efforts. Looking up, the mountains are soaring, the canyons are criss-crossed, the peaks are stacked, the cliffs are towering, the secluded is criss-crossed, the white clouds are in the valley, and the waterfall is hung between the mountains. The air flows through the mountains, it goes up and down, and the circulation is active. The cloudy clouds and stratocumulus clouds drift with the wind, rising from time to time, falling from time to time, rotating from time to time, and stretching from time to time, forming a strange and ever-changing view of the sea of clouds.


Strolling on a high-altitude boardwalk at an altitude of more than 1,600 meters above sea level, on one side is cliffs and virgin forests, and on the other hand is a deep canyon. The boardwalk is like a jade belt lingering across the mountainside, which makes the cliff's thousand blades become smooth and smooth. 100% leisure. The slope of the boardwalk along the way did not change much, and the right should be a walk in the court. On that day, the weather was clear and comfortable, and the sun and the sea of clouds alternated with the mists of the mountains and the mountains, which changed the Sanqing Mountain a lot. It seemed that the heavenly women lined up from far to near to our models and walked enchantingly with long sleeves and good dancing. Fluttering, people are drunk without drunk, intoxicated in the fantasy wonderland of nature.

The clouds and mists of Sanqing Mountain are impermanent, gathering together without faith, whistling and wandering away. If there is fog in the valleys climbing up the hillside, it will soon become thousands of white snakes rushing towards the mountain, filling the canyons and gullies in an instant, covering the mountains and mountains. Become a vast and chaotic world. When the film disappears, the clouds and mists recede quietly, the beautiful stone Xiufeng, the green pines and cypresses are gradually approaching all of you, it seems that after the nourishment and baptism of Ganlin Xianlu, it is more and more vigorous. Verdant, dripping and charming. Overlooking the Grand Canyon at this time, the canyon is deep and shocking, a kind of dizzy feeling, as if there are millions of soldiers hidden at the bottom of the valley, only to make a comeback again when the banner is displayed. Whenever the clouds rise and fall, it is the best time to photograph the magnificent scenery of mountains and rivers. At this time, the fortitude and majesty of Sanqing Mountain and the gentle tenderness are perfectly integrated into one. It is a kind of tender beauty, a calm and calm beauty, and a fairy-like way The beauty is so beautiful that people will never tire of it. This memorable experience cannot be appreciated without being immersed. No wonder some people say: Sanqing Mountain has the majestic nature of Mount Tai, the steepness of Mount Hua, the quietness of Mount Lu, and the majestic momentum of the clouds of Hengshan. In my opinion, this evaluation is appropriate!


There are many attractions along the west coast boardwalk. Pearl-like scattered in the deep mountain canyon is the essence of the Sanqingshan Scenic Area. The peak view all the way combines adventure and wonder, which is spectacular. There are: Prodigy Nine Pine, Youwan Xiaoquan, Xixia Port, West Sea Harbor, Guanyin Sendzi, Xianqiao Pier, Matsu Statue, Feixian Valley, Jiutian Jinping, Monkey King Guanbao, Mother and Son Pine, etc. All the landscapes have undergone the transformation of the sea and the fields, and have been cultivated by the essence of hundreds of millions of years. They have been cultivated into a unique and unique existence. My heart gives birth to the respect and awe of nature.

In the company of Qinggemanwu in the sunshine and clouds, we spent more than three hours leisurely to the end of the West Coast, and arrived at Sanqing Palace at four in the afternoon. It was thought that since Sanqing Palace is a Taoist holy land, it must be a towering Taoist temple with a large number of Taoists. The smoky, incense is very strong. It was not until after the Sanqing Palace that it was discovered that the Sanqing Palace is not very large, and it is far less magnificent than most of the Great Halls of the Holy Land. Taoism is old and indifferent. But because of this, he seems to be invaluable. In the secret place of the deep mountains, he guards the origin of Taoism in its original flavor.


Sanqing Palace has a high-grade terrain, with its south facing north and its two main entrances facing each other. It is built on the mountain. It is low on the front and high on the front. There is a gate on the front. There is a blue plaque on the middle gate. . On both sides of the gate are inscribed couplets, "The temple opens the day wind to sweep, and the gate reaches dusk and the clouds are self-proclaimed." In the middle of the hall, there are three statues of Yuqing Yuanshi Tiantian, Shangqing Lingbao Daojun and Taiqing Taishang Laojun. There is Guanyin Hall in the back, Guanyin in the middle, and eighteen Luohan statues on both sides. Taoism and Buddhism live together in harmony, and they are in the same temple, which is different from other Taoist famous mountains, Buddhas, and Taos, which are incompatible with each other.


The architecture and layout of the Sanqing Palace are full of mysterious and mysterious colors. It is made of dry granite carved on the mountain, with stone beams and pillars, surrounded by stone walls. Above the beams and pillars is a wooden arch structure, which builds the Xieshan double eaves roof style. The most amazing is the two-way Taoist wall. The body and the roof are not tightly connected. They are open on all sides, and the wall is a considerable distance from the eaves. It can be closely connected with the outside of the hall when I view it. This is the first time I have seen this architectural pattern. Perhaps it is the unique design under the special geographical and climatic conditions, or it may be caused by the Taoist "Taofa Nature" cultivation requirement, which is really puzzling.

Outside the Sanqing Palace, the front of the hall is a granite paved platform. A stone incense burner and a stone incense pavilion are located on the north side of the platform. The Sanqinggong stone archway is located in the center of the north of the platform. The arch cover is composed of two whole stones in the form of a hanging mountain top. The symbolic tile is cut on it, and there is no dripping water on the top. The top ridge is kissed with carved fish and dragons, and a treasure gourd is placed in the middle. The entire shape is small and exquisite, solemn and magnificent. It is a Taoist imitation of Confucian Confucius and other establishments. It is a prestigious institution in front of the gate. In front of the torii are the Lingguan Hall and Kuixing Hall, all of which are Taoist figures carved in the primitive Shixia Grottoes. The shape is simple, the lines are beautiful, and the carving is superb.


We stayed at the management station on the east side of Sanqing Palace Square. This is also the only accommodation spot on the mountain in Sanqingshan. It has eight or nine guest rooms. The reception capacity is very limited. The basic conditions are just accommodation. It is already the best for those who visit Sanqingshan. 有一半住在管理站,一半搭帐篷露营。 We were a group of 22 people. Half of them lived in the management station and half of them camped in tents. When everyone was busy relocating to the residence, I went around alone. I saw a well built with stones in the yard of the management station. After reading the introduction, I knew that this well had a long history. The name "Gudanjing" was dug by Ge Hong during the alchemy of Sanqing Mountain in the Jin Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,000 years. It is still clear and bottomless all year round. Drinking a well water tastes sweet and refreshing, and it feels refreshing, so it is called "Xianjing" by future generations.

I followed the hiking trail all the way east, and I saw the graveyard of Wang Xi and Zhan Biyun, which is the wind tower above the cliff. The tower is 5 stories high, and the eaves are 6 corners. The whole tower is carved out of a whole stone. Although the tower is not high, it is built on the protruding ochre rock, and looks down from below. The tower was originally an outbuilding of the tomb of King Wang. At that time, the public opinion was built to avoid the wind of the mountain pass, hence the name "Wind Thunder Tower". This tower has survived thousands of years of wind and rain, and has stood still today, known as a splendid pearl in the Taoist building of Sanqing Mountain.

There is a stone archway on the hillside platform on the east side of Fenglei Tower. This is the famous "Tianmen". On the south side of the archway there are a pair of Chinese watches with square stone pillars. Huabiao has no other decorative patterns, and a pair of couplets are engraved on the Tianmen archway: "the world is unparalleled, the highest peak in the south of Gao Lingyun Han River". As a result of the erosion of wind and rain, the handwriting on the Chinese watch has become a bit vague, giving people a more ancient and vicissitudes of vicissitudes.


After Tianmen continues to climb the mountain is the Tianmen Peak, and the peak is a bare granite stone. Standing on the peak can overlook the whole picture of Sanqing Palace. The highest point of Tianmen Peak is called purple smoke stone. To climb the stone top, you need to pass several stone steps. The stone steps are also called "sky ladder", which means that purple smoke stones can be figured out with heaven and earth. Purple smoky stone is located in the east of Sanqing Palace, and its name is derived from the east of Ziqi. Purple smoky stone is deep on all sides, without cover and barriers. The peak area is not large. It looks like a hemisphere. A dozen people are full. Here is the meeting point of the east and west coast. The altitude is more than 1,500 meters. The best place to enjoy the sunset is to be extra careful when you are on the peak. There is danger of falling off the cliff if you are not careful. It's a pity that Sanqing Sunset is no longer visible on that day, and we silently pray that tomorrow will be able to clear the clouds and fog, let us have a glimpse of the sea of clouds at sunrise.


After going down the mountain, the fog was getting bigger and thicker, and the thick fog swallowed up everything. It was already dark as late as five o'clock. The night of Sanqingshan was quiet and quiet. Only the wind was gently rubbing against the leaves. Tao, at this time it sounded a bit ethereal and subtle. In a day's time, Bai Shan asked Ru Ru through history and time. It is emotion, wonder, epiphany, purification, as if it is not. Worshiping the mountain is worshiping, worshiping the mountain is worshiping. We worship both the mountain and the Tao in the game. As long as we do n’t give up the pursuit, the mountains accumulated in life will have the fairy mountain and the famous mountain. .


Looking back on what you have seen in one day, the rise and fall of the Sanqingshan Scenic Spot has always been closely related to the rise and fall of Taoism. Taoism culture in Sanqingshan began in Ge Hong in the Jin Dynasty, and Ge Hong had a special status in Sanqing Mountain. Ge Hong formed alchemy in Sanqing Mountain, wrote the book, and preached Taoist teachings, advocating that "people can become immortals."

To this day, there are still remains of the Danjing and the alchemy furnace that Ge Hong has dug. Therefore, Ge Hong became the first evangelist of Taoism in Sanqing Mountain. Taoism is not as popular as Buddhism and Christianity. As far as ordinary people are concerned, Taoism is even cold. Most people in the world think that Taoism is passive in avoiding the world and has no desires. In fact, Taoists focus on their own survival and pay attention to self-improvement. A Taoist priest is one or two who is Dashan.

Taoism has always believed in "weakness, but strong woods are broken." Taoism is not a universal religion. You believe it or not. Taoism exists and will not change, so believe it or not, you should pay attention to fate. Taoism is about this life, and Buddhism is about the afterlife. Taoism emphasizes health, and the extended traditional Chinese culture, such as Taijiquan, which emphasizes rigidity and softness, yin and yang theory, and five elements and gossip, are unique cultural symbols of Taoism.


Taoism takes "Tao" as its highest belief, and believes that "Tao" is the origin of all things. "God" refers to the holy natural incarnation, and "xian" refers to the person who cultivates the Tao the day after tomorrow. Therefore, the gods of Taoism are saints in our history, and they are also Taoists. I think I feel something about this. Isn't this trip to Sanqingshan an edification and experience of Chinese cultural history!

More than once in these years, I heard someone lamenting that Taoism is so far away from the Chinese. Yes, Taoism is not everywhere like Buddhist temples, and Taoism is also very mysterious. In fact, there is a saying in Taoism, "The Tao is not far away, but the man is far away." Taoism is a traditional Chinese religion. As a part of the Chinese culture, Taoism culture has always been by the side of every Chinese. Taoism culture has a great influence on everyone. If you look at the yellow calendar, choose a day, if you like the door god, if you look at Feng Shui. There are also rich Taoist cultural connotations behind many festivals such as Qingming Festival, Zhongyuan Festival, Chongyang Festival, Winter Solstice, and Spring Festival. The Taoist philosophy inherited from Taoism has been deeply affecting the Chinese worldview and values since Laozi and Zhuangzi.


At 7.30 the next morning, we left Sanqing Palace and started the second half of the tour along the scenic trail of the Sunshine Coast. The tour was actually invisible, and it was walking carefully in the deep misty mountains. The mist of Sanqing Mountain is also unique. It is full of water. It seems that you can squeeze out water by grasping it. The water in the mist nourishes everything in the mountain. The branches and leaves are covered with crystal clear water drops. Water drops fall like wanton rain. Although passing by the beauty of the East Coast, it is a brand-new feeling to be lucky to bathe in a mountain valley like fog, rain and wind.

The two-day trip to Sanqingshan is about to end. The beauty of Sanqingshan is unforgettable. All the way down the mountain, it is still the Waishuangxi ropeway when returning to the mountain. In a short period of two days, I enjoyed the beautiful mountains and sun, and also experienced the magnificent changes of the sea of clouds, more mysterious and unpredictable mists and misty rain and washed with water. He is not a poet or a practitioner, but an ordinary person who loves nature and travels. After eating the beautiful scenery along the way, being in the world is pure and pleasant. At the moment of embracing the mountains and rivers, the relative eyes have been flowing quietly for thousands of years. One mountain and one water, one attic, one pot of wine, one breeze, and one firework, enough to taste life, enough to escape.


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